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You will love the convenience that Automatur will bring to you and your team. Anything you currently do manually, we can automate for you. Automatur is a marketing automation software application that goes far beyond a basic contact or relationship management system. It truly is Internet Marketing and Automation all in one. It will improve your sales by automatically capturing, tracking and managing everything for you.

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Marketing Automation and Sales Features:

Our team will teach you how to setup all of your marketing automation to ensure your business is off to a great start. Our automations are all setup based on your businesses needs and are completely customizable. You can customize and refine your automation process continually to improve your results and responses.

Don’t let prospects forget about you. Automatur gives you the ability to setup automated emails to your prospects, as well as clients, to make sure you stay top-of-mind. Personalize and brand each message with one of our pre-built email templates or create a custom template yourself to speak to your audience. Some of the communications you can send to your prospects with information about your business are:

  • Email Newsletters
  • “Haven’t heard from you in a while” emails to keep you top of mind
  • Special promotions or sales
  • New features, products or services
  • General qualifying or prospecting emails
Sales lead qualification is easy with Automatur. With a few clicks in our automation settings, you can sort out all of the leads that aren’t qualified. Quickly qualify sales prospects by:

  • Offering what your prospects are looking for
  • Validating funds to ensure your prospects are ready to purchase
  • Confirming the prospects timeframe to make sure they are ready in an optimal amount of time

Lead qualification in Automatur is based on requiring or excluding desired data and characteristics. We can then take it a step further by filtering, dispositioning and distributing your leads automatically, so your sales team doesn’t have to do it manually anymore. This will save your team a tremendous amount of their valuable time. Your team spends less time filing and categorizing, and more time working on sales that grow your business.

Yet another valuable tool; lead validation is a crucial part of the overall qualification process. The technology built directly into Automatur makes this process easy to setup. You can validate things like:

  • Physical addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • And much more…

Not only can we validate the information given to you, we can also fill in the blanks of what your prospect doesn’t provide. With our reverse phone number look up, zip code and spelling corrections, your information will be more accurate and complete. We set ourselves apart from the competition as one of the only solutions that offer this many data validation features.

Keep your team all on the same page with Automatur’s many sales notification features. Automations to your sales team can be stacked, which means in one “automation,” you can have an email sent to your prospect, assign the lead to a particular user, put an appointment to follow up on the calendar and send a text message sent to your team manager, making them aware of the status. Automatur really is a complete sales package, offering you, your team and your prospect all the notifications they could possible need. Your team will work more quickly and more efficiently.

Automatur marketing automation software includes many great features, like: