Marketing Automation Software That Simplifies Your Business

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Marketing Automation Keeps You In Sync

Automatur means you do not have to worry about micro-managing your sales and marketing team. Automatur is a powerful marketing automation software solution that handles:

  • Adding Tasks to the Calendar
  • Sending Marketing Emails
  • Updating Lead Status
  • Progress Reports
  • Notifications
  • ...and more
Automatur will change the way you think about marketing to your prospects. Sign up for a free account today to see how you can revolutionze your sales and marketing team.

"After signing up for the free trial, I noticed a huge difference in the way my business ran. I no longer had to micromanage our sales team and everyone's life was instantly simplified. I could not go back to the way things were before Automatur."

  • Dave Bleeker

Automate More than Basic Marketing Tasks

There are many tasks your teams are performing on a daily basis that have nothing to do with a point of sale contact or marketing, but it all can still be automated. You can create appointments for your sales and service team, send a text message to your product development team, connect customer support with the client when a new support request is made online; the best part is it all can be done automatically through Automatur.

"My sales team's numbers are through the roof! I never thought I could see such huge jumps, thank you Automatur!"

  • Miranda Price

Work the Leads That Matter

Automatur can sort and capture your leads based on the criteria you choose, making sure your team is contacting the higher priority leads first. Your sales team will see greater results because they will be focusing on the leads that deserve their attention. The marketing automation features will make focusing on high-value leads simple and efficient. Your sales team will thank you for investing in the Automatur software - and giving them the time to make sales.

Give Prospects the Attention They Deserve

Your prospects will get the lead nurturing they need, and responses in a timely manner; they will notice that you haven’t forgotten about them. Your customers will be grateful for the way your sales team will stay in constant contact with them and you won’t ever have to worry about a prospect or client being neglected again. Marketing automation with Automatur keeps prospects happy and your team happy by making lead nurturing a simple process.

"We do not miss a beat. Every lead that comes in, is followed up on and prospects no longer slip through the cracks."

  • Charlie Stoles